After 20-plus years of successfully operating fine dining restaurants across America, Chef Klime Kovaceski’s latest passion involves pizza – which is not as strange as it seems.

In 2008, Klime was part of the creative team behind MEZ in Charlotte, North Carolina, which combined a theatre, restaurant and nightclub in one complex. The need for a food with mass appeal that would serve all components of the business resulted in a pizza that was featured as one of Charlotte Magazine’s favorite dishes.

An assortment of pies likewise appeared on Klime’s menu two years later at Trio on the Bay in Miami Beach. The Miami Herald enthusiastically touted the “Charmingly misshapen, thin-crust pizzas with toppings like figs, pancetta and blue cheese; mozzarella and basil; and our favorite, pesto-artichoke.”

Klime’s next project revealed the exciting potential in the delivery and takeout business. The idea of creating food that is easily accessible to all the people who live or work in an area is not only personally appealing to Kovaceski as a chef, but he also feels strongly that this is “the future of the hospitality industry.” And so the concept of CRUST came to be created by Klime and his Australian wife Anita.

CRUST will not only provide the best pizza in town, but the delivery service promises to be unique in bringing cuisine right to your door that has been culled from chef Kovaceski’s impressive recipes and prepared with his talented touch.

“CRUST is not some nostalgic waltz into my past – I’ll leave the Greatest Hits routine for aging rock stars. It is, instead, a natural extension of my passion for feeding people and being part of the food world’s exciting present and future.”